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TANARI srl Produzione chioschi bar, edicole, strutture aeroporti, dehor,  arredamenti, moduli abitativi

15/03/2010 Design+

Editorial featured in Design+ published by the Order of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Curators of Bologna.


01/03/2010 - Rivista Inarcos


Presence of Tanari in the magazine Inarcos


01/03/2010 - Avioportolano

Ad for new Tanari products for airports and airfields in Avioportolano, Italia in Volo, Aerotouring Flight Guide, a publication aimed at all flying enthusiasts. Mention should also be made of the creation of air tourism terminals part of the Italian Air Tourism Project.



26/02/2010 - Restoration of the XX Settembre Market in Modena

This originated from the need for the commercial reconfiguration of the city center and the transfer of the Piazza XX Settembre market, completed by Tanari in 1995. Relocated near the city center, the market resumes its activities entirely renewed thanks to restyling and completion with a series of functional connecting cantilever roofs. This is how the new Market was born.



18/01/2010 - Tanari Kiosks for Mondadori Edicolè Newsstands

An important sales network, Mondadori Edicolè offers news dealers who participate in the project the opportunity to increase their business. Tanari is happy to be able to contribute, with the customization of its newsstands, to the development of these sales points.


12/11/2009 New T3 Model

Presentation of the new T3 model kiosk featuring a modern design consisting of a steel frame with resin-coated wood staving to ensure durability and weather resistance. The profile without the side-extension of roofs optimizes the pavement occupation surface.


18/10/2009 National Geographic London
29/10/2009 National Geographic Singapore

Structure for displaying NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC publishing products. The will of the designers of Studio Schwizer is to recreate, inside the innovative NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC stores, the Italian historic city-center newsstand style. Tanari designs and builds this characteristic Made in Italy structure in prestigious shops around the world.


18/07/2009 TISAK Kiosks Zagreb

Structure designed by Tanari for the Croatian market that features the technical experiences for mixed sales where newspapers stand alongside other merchandise. This product optimizes the spaces thus resulting in a functional solution that adapts sales to the needs of a developing market, while guaranteeing top-notch design and sturdiness..


02/10/2009 Design+

Presence of Tanari in the magazine Design+ published by the Order of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Curators of Bologna.


13/05/2009 Il Sole 24 Ore

Editorial on Tanari featured in Il Sole 24 Ore.


18/05/2009 Jazzè

Built on the basis of a project by NO GAP, the Jazzè “kiosk” located in Calderara di Reno is a highly innovative structure for its idea as well as on the technological and commercial level.



22/04/2009 H20 Cillichemie Kiosk



16/03/2009 ATM Carige

This elegant structure featuring both refined design and sturdiness, makes it possible to offer people a new concept of ATM to bring them even closer to the bank as well as optimize those areas of the city that allow the installation of these new type structures.


10/01/2009 Hotel S. Giorgio

The Hotel S. Giorgio in Civitavecchia has been completed with the extension of the usable surface of a period building, thanks to elements in steel, cast iron, copper and glass.

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